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Storage & Transmit of Commodities


Fumigation is a method of pest control that uses a toxic gas to exterminate pests in an enclosed space.The space is sealed to prevent the gas escaping to areas that are not being treated, for environmental and public safety, and to keep the gas at the required concentration for the appropriate time to be effective. Commodities such as food grains, oil seeds, pulses, extractions, spices, tobacco, textile, timber etc., which are major items in today’s export market, are highly susceptible to infestation from stored grain pests during storage and transit. Kalinga Pest Control provides high quality services on Fumigation Services for safe storage and transmission of your valuable products.
Fumigants are used to exterminate exotic pests in a wide range of environments such as:
ship holds;
grain stores;
shipping containers;
whole buildings;
food processing equipment.
It is also used to protect many types of goods and objects, including:
goods that require treatment for inter-government import or export control; and
smaller objects such as museum items that need preserving without damage.


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