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Landscape Pest Control

Pest Control Garden Spraying by Professional Gardener Who Wearing Safety Wearing.

There are many reasons to take care of your landscape. From the simple beauty of a healthy, well-maintained landscape to basic financial sense of the added value to your home that is provided by that same beautiful landscape.

All Seasons Pest Control has been providing landscape care services for over 35 years in Pierce County. From insect and disease control on your trees and shrubs to crane fly control on your lawn to weed control on your lawn and gravel driveway and in your garden beds.

A successful tree & shrub care spraying program for the general control of insects, mites, and fungus is dependent on several critical factors:

The specific pest problems desired to be controlled
The life cycle, behavior, and/or biology of these pests
Whether or not the pest needs to be controlled
The most favorable time of year to control these pests
Proper and careful product selection
Careful yet thorough product application for complete coverage while minimizing unnecessary spraying or product waste


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