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Instructions for planting and tending apple star plants


Highlights of the apple star tree you need to know

A fruit comes from folk tales and goes deep into the subconscious of Vietnamese people. It is full of affection for you, you want to know what kind of fruit it is, right? It is a apple star, a fruit that is said to be too familiar with Vietnamese people. It has a sweet, sweet taste that is loved by many people. However, not everyone knows all the characteristics, uses, and how to plant and care for this fruit. If you want to find out, follow the content immediately below.

Morphological characteristics of apple star

The tree originates from the remote tropical Americas and belongs to the sapodilla family. The average height that a apple star tree can reach is up to 10 to 15m spreading the leaves around and especially the growth rate of the tree is quite fast. The foliage is combined with shallow roots, so on rainy days with high winds you should stay away from these breast trees, it is easy to break and cause damage. But in return, the tree grows quite quickly and can be planted at any time of the year the tree is still growing well, but the most appropriate is planted in the rainy season, this time there will always be moisture provided. For roots, we also limit the need to water frequently.

The breast of a breast is as big as an adult’s fist, the skin is green and when ripe, gradually turns to pale pink when put in your mouth, you will feel very delicious and cool, sweet taste. The fruit has a round shape, the outer layer is green and white, and it also appears purple so it looks very colorful and beautiful. The skin of the fruit, when you hold it, you will immediately discover it has quite a lot of latex and this plastic is too acrid to eat, breaking in the same fruit with black and hard seeds. After 6 to 7 years of planting, the tree starts to bear fruit, but once it has fruit, the tree will bear fruit all year round, you can freely enjoy them in any season.


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